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I’m ThousandthStar, a hobbyist developper. I’m currently working on my game, 8bit Duels.

8bit Duels Devlog Part 5

👋 Hi again! This is part 5 of my devlog where I code my multiplayer turn-based strategy game. It’s been a while since I made a devlog, so there’s quite a bit to unpack here. Priorities have changed for the better, gameplay mechanics have been established, a community chat has been created, and an artist has joined forces with me to create the game! There’s been quite a bit of progress made in the code as well....

January 2, 2023

8bit Duels Devlog Part 4

Hello! Welcome to the fourth part of my devlog where I develop my multiplayer turn-based game. I previously didn’t have a name, but I have decided to name it 8bit Duels! I think this fits the theme pretty nicely. Anyways, on with the devlog! Refactoring This devlog is all about refactoring, and how I made my code cleaner. I did this by creating a workspace shared between the client and the server....

December 2, 2022

8bit Duels Devlog Part 3

Hello Readers! Welcome to the third devlog on this series where I code a multiplayer turn-based strategy game! If you haven’t read the three previous posts, go check them out! This week, I created a simple and exciting selecting system for my troops. Without further ado, let’s get into it. Hope you enjoy! Troop selecting In the last devlog, I talk about how I implemented the spawning mechanism in my game....

December 2, 2022

8bit Duels Devlog Part 2

Hello readers! This is my progress for week 2 of coding my multiplayer game with Rust and Bevy. This post is a bit late, and should’ve been out yesterday, but I wasn’t able to make it in time. Anyways, here is my progress this week. As a reminder, this is only a side project, and I don’t work on it for extended periods of time, so progress is slow. In this post, we will cover three things:...

December 2, 2022

8bit Duels Devlog Part 1

Hello readers! Welcome to the week 1 devlog of my multiplayer game using Rust and the Bevy game engine. In this post, I will talk about my progress for the first week. This isn’t the beginning of the project, but rather my first devlog. Without further ado, let’s get into it! Please note that you are more than welcome to comment on my code. Hints on how to make it more efficient, performant, etc....

December 2, 2022

8bit Duels Devlog Intro

Hello readers! This is a short post introducing my first blog series, where I will document my process creating a multiplayer turn-based game. The game is not named yet. Below is what I’ll explore in this post: What I’m making: in this section, I’ll tell a bit more about what kind of game I’m making as well as what are my expectations and goals for this project. Language and tools: I will cover the technology stack behind my game....

December 2, 2022